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Job Search Enrollment

Those seeking services create the first step in Employment Essentials, which is to enroll in the CareerLink system. Candidates create a resume that can be sent to job postings, and can be viewed by staff and employers.

Enables users to create a detailed resume, upload additional resumes, search and apply for jobs on the Commonwealth operating system, CWDS. Enrollment on the system has the extra benefit of employers and staff having access to your profile to fill employment opportunities.

Video tips on how to search and apply for jobs 

Job Search

An individual can look for opportunities, staff can run a “match” to find job seekers to fill positions, and employers can review resumes electronically to find candidates.

Search for available employment opportunities with staff assistance or self-service on the JobGateway system.

Career Counseling

One-to-one consultation to assess needs, identify barriers, and create a plan for job readiness.

An individual who is unsure of next steps can be counseled to take a “CareerScope” that would help indicate employment opportunities to meet their profile.

Training Opportunities

Funding through the Workforce Investment Act provides training opportunities to enhance skills that allow candidates to compete in today’s ever-changing job market.

Individuals who have worked in a position for a number of years might not be familiar with new software and technology. Training will enhance one’s established skills and marketability.

Video tips related to training opportunities

Job Readiness Workshops 

Workshops help fine-tune resumes, develop interviewing skills, and create strategies for job searches. Workshops also teach candidates how to “brand” oneself, and offer instruction on how to use social media for effective networking.

Participation in workshops positively affects a person’s self-worth, energy, and motivation.

Video tips related to resumes

Video tips on improving interviewing skills


The O*NET database identifies, defines, and describes the comprehensive elements of job performance in the world of work. It replaces the Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT).

O*NET is widely used in enrollment for participants who cannot articulate current skills.

Interview Stream

Critiquing one’s own performance with repetition improves presentation skills and builds confidence.

Interview Stream allows candidates to videotape themselves in a mock interview using the internet and a webcam. Once candidates have completed the interview, they can complete a self-assessment or receive constructive advice from a career counselor.

Career Coach

Career Coach is an online source for information on job opportunities, income potential, and education.

CareerCoach provides information for individuals to research employment opportunities in demand and educational requirements needed to reach employment goals.

Job Spidering

Administered by the Center for Workforce Information & Analysis (CWIA), Job Spidering is a technology that grabs job postings from any site and lists them to a common job board. Used to find a job or analyze trends.

Job Spidering is used to identify job opportunities and help assess job-market trends.

Job Trak

Job Trak is a USDOL initiative to provide Community Colleges funding for High Priority Occupations in the area. It provides training in Advanced Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Energy.


JobGateway is designed to make work registration easier. This site was also created to pull in job feeds from various websites to assist with job searches. Job seekers using JobGateway have a larger database to research opportunities. Referrals are stored and can be accessed for compliance for the unemployment work-search mandate.

Forms and Applications

Used in programs and processes for information and tracking.

The Individual Plan of Action (IAP) is used for career counseling, while the WIA Documentation form indicates the proof needed for the WIA “Eligibility” needed for Training Opportunities

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